How To Pronounce "Subversion"

Jim Blandy, who gave Subversion both its name and repository design, pronounces "Subversion" for posterity's sake. Or something.

In any case, this wasn't his idea. Really. Sorry Jim.

Q-n-A With Jim

How do you pronounce "Subversion"? [Answer]

While we're on the subject, is "Subversion" written with a capital "V" in the middle? [Answer]

Why should anyone care how you pronounce "Subversion"? [Answer]

Don't you realize that people can still pronounce "Subversion" however they wish? [Answer]

Don't you feel that all this pronunciation business is a way of imposing your beliefs on other people? [Answer]

Isn't this whole page a perfect example of how Western Cultures hold themselves above other cultures? [Answer]

How do you pronounce "Subversion" with a Swedish accent? [Answer]