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The Apache Subversion Blog is a collection of articles concerning the design and usage of Subversion. If you would like to contribute an acticle, please reach out to the mailing list dev@subversion.apache.org.

2013-06-28 — Foreign Repository Copies

C. Michael Pilato explains how svn copy can be used to maintain a vendor branch to track source maintained in a foreign repository. Continue reading

2013-06-26 — Repository Dictated Configuration - Part 3 of 3: Global ignores

This is the final part of a series (the first two parts below) describing repository dictated configuration (RDC). In part 2 we talked about the new svn:auto-props property. Today we’ll discuss the other new inherited property that involves RDC, svn:global-ignores. Continue reading

2013-06-25 — Repository Dictated Configuration - Part 2 of 3: Autoprops

Part 1 (below) described the new inheritable properties feature in Subversion 1.8 which paves the way for repository dictated configuration (RDC). In part 2 we look at the first part of Subversion 1.8′s RDC related features, the new svn:auto-props property. Continue reading

2013-06-24 — Repository Dictated Configuration - Part 1 of 3: Inheritable properties

This is the first article in a series of three describing the different configuration options that can be set in the repository to manage the behaviour of the working copy. Continue reading

2012-10-24 — Reducing network traffic in Subversion 1.8

Building on WC-NG released in Subversion 1.7, the repository access module libsvn_ra_serf can significantly reduce network traffic for svn switch and svn update if the file contents already exist in the local pristine store. Continue reading

2009-11-19 — Where did that Mergeinfo come from

Building on the existing svn:mergeinfo property, this article descibes some technical details on subtree merges as well as changes in Subversion 1.7. Continue reading

2008-05-06 — Merge info - Understanding the Internals

Subversion 1.5 adds a versioned property svn:mergeinfo to track merges between different branches. This article explains usage and implementation details. Continue reading

2008-03-29 — Merging from foreign repositories

Starting with Subversion 1.5 you can merge changes from a foreign repository. This article contains all details. Continue reading

2007-06-13 — Merge auditing

A short description of the initial implementation of svn:mergeinfo. Continue reading

2007-03-27 — Authz and anon authn agony

C. Michael Pilato reveals a trick to expose a repository root to anonymous users while restricting access to a specific subdirectory to authenticated users. Continue reading

2006-09-10 — Enhancing Subversion

This article describe different ways of enhancing and customizing a Subversion installation. Continue reading